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“Silver Six issue #1 The Alliance” is now Availible

"Silver Six issue #1 The Alliance" is now Availible

SS 1-pg000
In the year 2021, the company called New Element, the world’s supplier of everything technological and leaders of innovation, is the source of everything evil on the planet. "New Element" has their hands in everything that is of power. And for centuries, they’ve been abusing their power and resources...Now this juggernaut of a business organism has gone flying out of control due to the new management. The Arista Family, founder of New Element, is now either dead or missing. The last remaining member is Adema Arista. Because of the family’s disappearance, Adema is currently C.E.O. of New Element Inc. It’s a known fact that the family has been at war with each other for the control of the company. It’s been speculated that the family has been killing each other off for complete control. He who controls New Element, controls the world... This has been a prolonged ambition for the Aristas, because New Element has many enemies. Including The Silver Six, a band of fighters turned assassins hired to eliminate the threat of the free world which is "New Element Inc".CLICK HERE AND YOU CAN READ NOW.

Newly Edited Titanium issue #1 (Black & White)

Titanium (Alpha)

Phoenix Walker

It’s the year 2027. A seemingly invincible fighter, that goes by the name Raykuan, returns to Titanium Island for revenge. Meanwhile, another skilled combatant called Phoenix mysteriously finds himself without any memory of the past two years wandering the city of Titanium. Enter a world where mystical warriors battle with humans and elements for hidden truths and power